Saturday, September 22, 2012

We rented an apartment for 5 days from for our stay in London.
Reasons for renting apartment, much cheaper and bigger and free wifi compared to a hotel and should be quieter and cleaner than hostel. We could make breakfast and save some money. The apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen, dining table, a  double bed and a sofa bed and also a cupboard and shelves. There is a number which we could called if we encountered any problems.
We were quite satisfied with the apartment as it was spacious for 3 girls and it was quite clean except for the bathroom. It was tiny and the water supply and the temperature of the water was inconsistent. 
The location of the place was fabulous, walking distance to tube and also there were cafes and supermarkets and theatres around it. Chinatown was just round the corner.
Good if you are those who do not need housekeeping.

KLM flight to london via amsterdam

KLM is not very famous in Singapore . some photos on board for people who are interested to try out this airline. I took this airline as it was the cheapest from Singapore to London, with a stopover but not time consuming. The flight service and the food is not bad. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

some places i want to visit in Hongkong

Chan Yee Jai 陈意斋
電話:(852)2543-8414 傳真:(852)2543-7277香港門市部:中環皇后大道中176B號地下九龍門市部:觀塘創紀之城五期地庫L103C舖
bird nest biscuit,雞仔餅, almond biscuit, egg biscuit, beancurd roll

Tai cheong bakery
Famous for their egg tart
Their website looks like they have been bought over by some company.

Shek Mo Fong 石磨坊
G/F88 Hak Po St, Mong Kok 旺角黑布街88號Tel: 2398-94902.45pm-2am
Famous for desserts...

利苑酒家 Lei Garden Restaurant中環利苑 (central)
地址: 香港中環港景街1號國際金融中心商場3008至3011店
電話: (852) 2295 0238
Opening hours : 1130-3pm and 6-1130pm

地址: 香港灣仔軒尼詩道338號北海中心1樓
電話: (852) 2892 0333
Opening hours : 1130-3pm and 6-1130pm

銅鑼灣利苑 (causeway bay)
地址: 香港銅鑼灣時代廣場10樓1003店
電話: (852) 2506 3828
Opening hours : 1130-3pm and 6-1130pm

地址: 香港北角城市花園9至10座1樓
電話: (852) 2806 0008
Opening hours : 1130-3pm and 6-1130pm

ABC cafe (cheap western food, go during lunch)
Shop 7, Food Market, 1 Queen Street , Sheung Wan
It is cheap because it is in a food court.

蓮香樓 Lin Heung Tea House
Traditional tea house.

shopping in hongkong

Flower Street 花园街 hua yuan (fa yuen in cantonese).

open in the late morning to evening. Don't visit it at night. 
Although you cant do much bargaining here, the price is cheaper than ladies market.
There is a lot of shoes store at the sides and the price is cheap, good for people who are not into brands.
There are also stalls selling food and fruits. More interesting than ladies market which is tourist trap and good for people who need more fruits to stay healthy on a trip

I visited two fresh food market in hongkong. One is nelson street (near langham place hotel)
Another one is at Bowrington Road

The rest of the standard ladies market, temple street. There are shopping malls at most of the MTR stops. Tsim Sha Tsui and CAuseway should the most number of them. A lot of new shopping malls opened at TST over the past few years. You can look at the shop directory before deciding which mall to visit. Sasa and Bonjour are good place for cheap cosmetic and toiletries.
Lung Shing Pharmacy 龍城大藥房. 28 Granville Rd Tsim Sha Tsui b2 exit. they have a larger variety than Sasa and Bonjour but the place is very very crowded with locals and foreigners.
I want to visit jusco hkd10 shop when i am in hongkong, is cheaper than daiso.

random in hong kong

view from TST ferry Terminal

Lan Kwai Fong 蘭桂坊
Where the pubs and bars are located.
Central MTR, exit D2
The photos: left, a wine and dine event held in november
The photos: right, a beautiful coach store

Times square... shopping time..
For those looking for cheap shopping, can try jardine's crescent located at causeway bay.

Temple street's fortune telling stalls. There is palmistry, tarots and various method of fortune telling

Mongkok. Ladies street is located somewhere near here.

shu uemura deepsea water in the toilet

Star avenue. Worth taking a walk as you can enjoy hongkong night scenery for free.

This photo was taken a few years ago.
I was curiously about the turf club culture so I went to take a look. 

Hongkong traditional brand of cosmetics. It is available in singapore but I think is more expensive. They have vending machines at various location selling some of the products. There are also actual shops. However, the packaging is not fanastic so the Lu Shui 花露水 will evaporate but it really smell nice
Christmas in Hongkong a few year back. Last year, they have christmas event which was linked to tiffany and co.This year, it starting on 25 novemember.
Capture on the bus of A21 on the way to the airport.

Monday, September 17, 2012

freebies at hongkong

Free chocolate. 
The cactus is a free gift from Langham place shopping mall for tourist, there have a tourist discount too.

Supermarket in Hongkong

There are lot of 7-11 k-mart and other convenience stores at Hong Kong. When I visited HOng kong last year, I saw a few small supermarkets popping around the TST and mongkok. 
I like to visit supermarket when I travelled because different countries have their different snacks and food. Moreover, the price is usually cheaper and is a good place to get gifts and interesting food.
This supermarket is one of my favourite. It is located at Tung Chung citygate outlet. It is like singapore hypermart. 
Drop by if are visiting citygate at Tung Chung.

Random Hongkong food

G29 Allied Plaza, 760 Nathan Rd., Prince Edward,
Daily 7am-10:30pm
Their cookies come in a dozen different flavors, crowned with classic toppings like jam, cherry, nuts or chocolate drop, each with a buttery crispiness. 
For a healthier option, try their egg white-only variety, made with sesame and green tea. Try their all-time famous nougatsBesides the original flavour, there are healthier options made with prune and walnut.

Just a random bakery. If you interested in just buying lao po bing or wife's biscuit for your family and packaging is not a major concern. You can try the normal bakeries along the street like along TST or MOngkok. and buy one to try and find one that suit your tastebuds before buying a dozen back. The price is usually a fraction of those branded store. However, remember to bring your own air tight container.

Bought a coupon from Do not remember the actual price, but it was valued for money because it is a place at kowloon with a nice view and ambience. 
The eyebar at isquare. Not sure how pricing without the coupon.

If you spot this card, remember to try hong Kong traditional icecream.

I tried macdonalds too because there have some seasonal stuff not available in singapore. for example, the chocolate puff.

Some random things we ate.
 starbucks, taste the same.
xu liu xiang
They were giving out free coke.
smiley tart.
vitasoy red bean and milk tea.

random icecream and red bean snack