Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Bang 2012 Official timbok hood BIGBANG 2012 OFFICIAL HOOD T-SHIRT

Ordering wts
Big Bang 2012 Official timbok hood hoodie
bigbang official merchandise

Big Bang's official timbok finally came through a blend of black and gold Big Bang logo and very cool ... 
I'm ~ on the back of the gold leather hood, the patterns in the big bang Advanced seureopgikkaji'm ~ AM to
 symbolize the crown of the zipper VIP until it all together.

S or M or L available.

Ordering from official

Meetup available or registered mail at $3.50.

Need to wait 1-2 weeks for item to arrived.
i have good reviews on ebay, so no worries.

ordering of tee is also possible. Email me for a quotation at

Will just collect 50% of the money. Will collect the rest after the item has arrived from korea. Remaining amount can be paid during meetup.

Bigbang 29 september alive tour


gdragon t.o.p

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bigbang Alive tour Singapore 28 september 2012 part 2



gdragon and taeyang

Bigbang Alive Tour Singapore 28 September part 1