Friday, October 12, 2012

London Day 3 free and easy : Shopping at Bond and Oxford Street ..

Breakfast at a little cafe near our place..
Interesting breakfast..with avacodo and egg white..

Marks and spencers

Shopping at Bond and Oxford Street.

Lot of shops like mark and spencers, riverisland, topshop, primark...Tiring but fun..

Stop for a break at macdonald and tried out stuffs not available in Singapore

We cooked dinner again.. simple soup with vegetable and oysters..
mushroom with chicken and pasta with oyster..
We bought oysters because it was the one of the cheapest ingredients available..

Our loots... Mostly from Primark...
The stuff are not of very good quality but it is looks good and cheap..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

London free and easy: Day 2 Supermarket TEsco, Chinatown, fish and chips, Bichester Village, four Seaons and M & m store

Tesco.. supermarket trip..
Bought some snacks and groceries..
The pros of staying in an apartment. You can cook your own cheap and simple breakfast..

 supermarket at chinatown.
package bubble tea...
singapore food!!

the must try in London... fish and chips..
Golden union..

the tube...

we took a train to bicester village for some outlet shopping..
miss the train but we manage to get on the train for another timing with no additional charges
Jamie Oliver's fabulous feast
snack..feeling hungry and tired..

Some of the shops..
Not really into branded goods and design does not attract me. I do find it selection of outlets average.
However, the cath kidson and crabtree and evelyn prices are quite good

The opening hours...

What we bought at bicester village..
not a lot for a party of three.. 

Chinese food at Four SEasons..
Ordered take away as it was cheaper and chinatown was less than 10 minutes from our place.
The roast duck, char siew and rice was all good.. as good as hongkong..

Chance upon m&m or m and m store at leicester square while exploring our area..
Fun place to walk around and take lots of photos..