Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bangkok: Food in bangkok

Macdonald serve different things from singapore. worth a try.
Nice names give to the drinks :D

MK Gold restaurant
Love their steamboat because it has no msg.
I do not need to drink buckets of water to quench my thirst after the steamboat.
like their roast pork too and they also show me the calories I consume. 

At the supermarket at Siam PAragon. Anyone dare to try chilli ice cream.
Thought their cakes look simple but pretty..

We were hungry after shopping at chatuchak or jj market, try out a random food stall. Interesting experience but the food was ok only.
The pork was supposed to be medium rare.
More food and snack and chatuchak market

Chocolate icecream. I like it.
This was some brown sugar with ice dessert but the ice melt to one big block so it was quite a challenge to eat.

They were selling sushi outside platinum mall and we bought some to try. They look much better than they taste.
We did not try this but it looks delicious. It was at the roadside stall.

Trying out food at the food court.
Not bad.

Dunkin Donuts for breakfast
Samboon Seafood.
I went Chinatown for seafood, but I prefer this as it is slightly more expensive but is much cleaner, friendly and it taste good too.

Mister Donut for breakfast

Dim Sum at roadside stall at chinatown.

Monday, November 12, 2012

korea Free and easy (Jeju): random


korea Free and easy (Jeju):Yakcheon Temple, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
This place is located 15 mins from Tae Gong Gak. It is just a waterfall.

Yakcheon Temple
There was supposed to be some interesting ceremony to watch but my mum just want to go back and rest so we only manage to take some pretty photos of the temple.