Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hong Kong free and easy : Huang Da Xian (黃大仙) Immortal Wong

 My parents 
One main reason for visiting this place. My dad wanted to.
Huang Da Xian (黃大仙) aka Immortal Wong
Just take the train to the station and follow the signs.
walk out of the station and you can spot the temple quite easily.

The place is not very big but not very small. Can spend around 30 minutes if you want to explore the whole place. Definitely need more time if you are going to take lots of photos or praying. It was drizzling when I was there but there are still a lot of people praying.
There is a small garden at the right side of the temple.
See the baby dragon and that hand. Everyone seems to be touching it and so we joined in. haha.

 Sumo hands. Much bigger than me and my sister's hand

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hongkong : plane ride sunset and the moon

Hong Kong: Random Shots

Macau: Tips Ferry, Sims, CAsino

If you taking ferry to Macau, I will suggest you book early.

For people departing at Tsim Sham Tsui
Can walk from Tsim Sha Tsui exit A1 and walk towards canton road and then turn right till you see a junction and cross diagonal to the China Hong Kong city.
Turbojet from Tsim Sha Tsui and Central
cotaijet Tsim Shan Tsui
First ferry Central
Ferry from Hong Kong airport

For the first class, a simple meal will be provided and the seats will be more spacious.

For people, who want a Sim card. There are vending machines selling Sim at the ferry terminal at MAcau.

There are also buses which you can take to Casino of your choice for free. There are buses linking each casino and sometimes to places of interest. Check with the staff at the casino. I took the public bus around at times.
I visited Venetian Macao, it supposed to be the largest in the world with a canal.
Minimum bet for jackpot starts from hk$0.05. No worries for, people who are not risk taking and just want to pull the jackpot machines.
Just insert you dollar notes, when you tired of the machine or out of luck, just collect your money and move on to the next one. You can redeem the money at those big machines that look like ATM.

Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral
Please go there with an empty stomach. Lots of samples for you to try. Try before buying. 
But for Buddhists, ask before you try the bak kwa as it may be beef bak kwa.
They are even piping hot seaweed egg rolls to try out.
Try the Portuguese egg tarts too.
Avoid the pork bun which the stall has a tv showing some idol dramas and idols visiting the stall. The pork is hard and bland. Definitely not recommended.

hong Kong : Ap Liu street 鴨寮

Step out to Ap Liu street and you will find stalls selling handphone cases and screen protector. I am not sure about the quality but the price and variety seems good.

We went up the 北河街市政大廈, it was a wet market.
You see live chickens, vegetables and fruits.
If you are not into this, just walk at ground level.

There are almost no shopping for clothes and shoes here.
Good for Buying fruits, vegetables, pastries and dried goods.
Trying to understand the cantonese.
Dried Starfish for sale.

Lots of dried goods for sale.
Dried oyster, mushrooms, fish, cuttlefish, sea cucumber, ikan bilis and a lot more.
Quite amazed at their collection of dried goods. 
their dried shrimps have small, medium, large. 
As big the prawn we see in the wanton in Hong Kong. (bottom right photo)
They even have  dried duck wings. (middle right photo)

Lot of bakeries.
My parents bought the wife's biscuit from here and I enjoyed my mango desserts

Garang Guni?
SEcond hand market.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hong Kong : Christmas

 Christmas in Hong Kong


Lee gardens at Causeway bay
Lee gardens at Causeway bay
Sky garden at lee gardens. Nothing much to see.

Hong Kong Winterfest 2012.
Tiffany & co christmas. 
Just right beside central station, exit K.

Lego Christmas at times square

 Tsim sha Tsui
 Langham Place
Random places